The Healing power of Water

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A lot of persons will survive in a year or two without medicine but no one can live without water.

We need water in our day to day life and about 60% of body is water.

How it works
1. Diarrhea, worms, and gut infections
To prevent these infections, boil your water first to kill every germs before drinking. Always wash hands before eating.

2. Infection of the skin
To avoid rashes, marks and other skin reactions/infection, take your bath often like twice or trice in a day.

3. Infected wounds, tetanus
All you do is wash your wound with soap and water to prevent further contamination.

1. Diarrhea and dehydration:
Apply re-hydration by drinking more water.

2. Fever:
Take lots of water and soak body with cold water
3. Cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia:
Breath in hot water vapors and administer lots of water.
4. Sprained bruise:
Ice cold water for the first day will heal gently and slowly. Also lessen the pain.
5. Stuffed up nose:
Sniff salt water

When water is used correctly, medicines are not needed when severe. Water is life.

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