Tips For A Healthy Living

  1. Eat healthy
    Be consistent with your three square meal. Your food should contain veggies, fat free or low fat milk. Food that are low in fat are healthy for consumption.
    Also, cholesterol, salt and added sugar.

2. Excise as often as possible
Consistent exercise prevents age related decrease in muscle mass and strength, maintain balance, endurance. it can help you avoid coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and stroke.

3. Mental health

4. Avoid the use of tobacco

Quit smoking. its dangerous to your health. it causes atherosclerotic. it contributes to lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis.

5. Limit your alcohol intake

Too much of everything is bad. excess consumption of alcohol causes live cirrhosis which lead to internal hemorrhage, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, muscle wasting, bleeding, mental confusion and so on. it can also lead to liver cancer.

6. Know how to manage stress

7. Make walking a habit

8. Reduce your salt intake

9. Take enough vegetables and fruits

10. Quit smoking



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