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Why My face …? Pimples

Pimples or Acne is common among young people both boys and girls.

It can affect the face, chest or back most especially those with oily skin .Pimples are formed out of oil in our body , they are little lumps that forms tiny pus on your face .

Sometimes , it’s makes the face the rough.


1. Puberty
2. Excess oil in the skin which is natural
3. Dirt: Some persons accumulation of dirt due to lack of regular bath . They can stay relaxed without having their bath. It is wrong.
4. Unwashed face after the days make up
5. Cream reaction
6. Unclean water


1. Avoid using different creams and stick to one
2. Bath with safe and clean water.
3. Regular baths.

TREATMENT (To get a smooth face again)

• Always wash your face with soap and hot water at least twice a day.
• Boil water, make sure it’s hot, put your face at the edge of the bowl, cover yourself with towel, to avoid heat going out and let your face feel the heat. It will melt the oils in your face.
• Sunshine helps too. Let the sunshine fall on the affected parts of the body.
• Sleep well, eat well and drink lots of water.
• For dark persons, before sleeping, use damatol to rub affected parts.
• For serious cases that this method didn’t work for, go for tetracycline, it may help.


Some persons say groundnut, butter causes pimples, they don’t. They only contribute to the oil or fat in your body. Please correct that impression and there is every possibility for your face to be clearer. Get this action done and share to help that friend.

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