Bald Heads: Reasons Behind it

I’ve always wanted to know about bald heads, it’s meaning and what causes it, well , its far but before you to go through

Have you heard?

The bald actually signifies authority, toughness, control and dominance. It’s simply the loss of hair on the scalp in man.


Genetics, age and hormones are factors that contribute to bald head.

• Genetic factors contributes to it,
• Intake of excess Vitamin A
• Malnutrition
• Deficiency off Iron, Aging Process
• Abnormal quantity of a protein called prostaglandin

NB: Hair loss also indicates other health condition like, fungal infection.

Bald head may lead to depression and low-self esteem.


• Make use of the shampoo and conditions
• Cover your scalp from the sun
• Keep hydrated and moisture by taking more water
• Try massage the scalp
• Be proud of it.

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