Benefits of Garden Egg


Garden egg identified as eggplant is a good source for manganese, thiamine (vitamin B1), potassium, copper and dietary, foliate, B6 and magnesium.

It comes in different colours.

It also contains niacin, phytonutrients like nasunin and chlorogenic acid.

Since grouped with the vegetable family. It has nutrients like vitamin B6 E and foliate, magnesium, fibre, iron, calcium, better carotene and many other essential mineral and vitamins.

1. Helps in weight reduction

2. Reduces cholesterol in the body.

3. Improves vision

4. Good for pregnant women

5. It contains anthocyanin, phytonutrient in the skin, potent anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger that protects cell membranes from damage.

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