Breast Cancer: What You Need To Know

This is known as the cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. It is the most common cancer that is diagnosed in women but not limited as men also suffer from it.

Unlike before, the survival rate for breast cancer has reduced. When detected on time, there’s a chance of quick treatment and healing.

Types of breast cancer.

1. Anglo sarcoma
2. Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
3. Invasive Lobular carcinoma
4. Paget’s disease of the breast
5. Inflammatory breast cancer
6. Recurrent breast cancer


Things to look out for to determine if a person has breast cancer.

1. You will notice the presence of lump that is different from all other tissue.
2. The size and shape of the breast will change
3. Change in the skin over the breast like dimpling.
4. Peeling, scaling, crusting or flaking of the pigmented area of the skin surrounding the nipple (areola) or breast skin.
5. Redness or pilling of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange
Don’t wait till it’s complicated before you see a doctor.


• Inherited breast cancer
It is estimated by doctors that 5-10% of breast are connected to gene mutations passed from generations of family. The most common breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene 2 (BRCA2) which increase the possibility of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Risk Factors

• Being female:
They are most likely to develop breast cancer
• Increasing change
A personal history in breast cancer history of breast conditions family history of breast cancer inherited gene.
• Exposure to radiation
• Obesity
• Early (young) period (menstruation)
• Late menopause
• Late child birth
• Post-menopausal hormone therapy
• Taking alcohol


  • Go for a breast cancer screening
  • Self examine your breast
  • Be moderate when taking alcohol
  • Exercise more often
  • Limit menopausal hormone therapy
  • Control your weight



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