Effects Of Sunlight To The Body.

The sun is beautiful and natural but as nature will have it ,its has good and bad effects to the body . We should enjoy the sun shine in moderation to avoid its negative effects.

Positive Effects of The Sunshine

  • Improves your mood :

By increasing the level of serotonin in the brain, which promotes and enhances ones mood and makes one feel better.

  • Treats seasonal depression:

This includes tiredness and bad moods.

  • Reduces stress :

It helps to keep you relaxed in a fresh air with a little sun exposure.

  • Promotes sleep:

Sunlight helps the melatonin in your brain which detects time to sleep and wake to function well. It keeps you awake when its available but once It’s gone then it’s time for bed.

  • It keeps our environment dry and comfortable.
  • Gives the body vitamin D which maintains healthy bones for strength.

Effects of Sunshine.

  • It damages the eyes
  • Leads to excessive sweat (loss of water and salt from the body )
  • It leads to heat stroke
  • Skin rash and skin cancer
  • It promotes wrinkles and aging.




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