Healthy Food for Pregnant Women


To be pregnant is every woman’s dream.

The food taken by a pregnant woman might affect the child, because she is the source of nourishment to the child so also her lifestyle.

So therefore, healthy living is not an option

Ways to Live Healthy

1. Take enough fruits and vegetables to nourish the baby with vitamins
2. Starchy food with such as bread., and rice
3. Wear loose clothes for baby’s comfort to provide carbohydrates
4. Protein such as meat, beans, milk, egg, poultry and fish that are well cooked
5. Dairy products such as milk and cheese. It provides calcium for healthy bones.
6. Regular exercise reduces fatigue.
7. Check your drugs properly before taking them because are pregnancy sensitive
8. Always visit your gynaecologist for advice
9. Take honey regularly

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Do not smoke
It increases the chances of miscarriage
2. Alcohol
3. Unguided/ not prescribed drugs
4. Avoid sea food like shark, king mackerel, orange roughy, sword fish and tile fish because the high level of mercury and methyl contained in them
5. Raw meat
6. Uncooked food, hot dogs
7. Fresh refrigerated meat

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