Sodium Cyclamate: Good Substitute for Diabetes. Is it Worth It?

Wow, am shocked?

Hmmm….. Something more than sugar I guess. Its honey but maybe am wrong because honey is not prescribed for diabetic patient. Am interested in this. Ready for the bottom.

It is sweeter than sugar and its an artificial sweeter for commercial use. Though not patronized a lot and the sweetener is called Sodium Cyclamate. It is mostly used with saccharine.

NB: it is less expensive to that of any other sweetener, very affordable.

IUPAC name

Sodium N- Cyclohexyl Sulfamate

Its been prescribed for diabetes to serve as sweetener due to the fact that it doesn’t need to be converted or processed by the insulin. It is a processed sweetener.

Breaking News:
it was found in the year 1968 that its detrimental to the health of animals when they took it. It affected rat, dogs, and monkey due to the fact that it causes bladder cancer and bladder tumor. After thorough research, it was finally banned in most countries.

Examples of sodium Cyclamate:

1. Sucaryl
2. Suitli
3. Cologran
4. Chuker
5. Hermesetas
6. Huxol


1. Its tasty
2. Water and heat stability
3. Soluble
4. Management of weight
5. Long shelf life
6. Prescribed for diabetes
7. Its affordable


Amazing but advised, if not prescribed by the doctor, don’t administer or take it. Its side effect is really detrimental to ones health.

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