What You Don’t Know About Dimples

You’ll agree with me that dimples are pretty and attractive and adorable. I wish I had them, but anyway I’m still pretty without them.

Dimples are genetic and are dominant because if both parents have it, there is possibility of you getting it.

Types of Dimples
We’ve multiple types of

• Facial Dimples – Chin or cheek

• Back Dimples

What Causes Dimples?

Do you know it’s a disorder?

It’s actually the cleft chins that are actually a result of a hiccup in fetal development, where the left and right sides of the chin haven’t fused together properly in the womb.

It’s a product of short muscles around the mouth and a divide in the muscle which causes that small dent forms whenever you smile.

Benefits of Dimples

• It makes babies extra-adorable
• It makes your iexpression noticeable
• A secret weapon to get attention and communicate better
• makes you look beautiful, youthful and innocent
• Makes you sexy
• Promote good circulation around your pelvis area.
• It’s a positive feeling to others.

Do you need one?

I know your answer is yes but I tell you, if you don’t have, you don’t. Except you want to go for a plastic surgery.

My dear, you’re beautiful with or without dimples.

Your choice and believe contributes to your beauty.

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