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Should I Be Worried About My Persistent Cough

It is tiring and troubling when you have a cough that won’t just go away. A thing to note about cough is that it plays a big role in defending the body from diseases.

It ousts mucus, microbes, and strange particles from the respiratory tract, thereby protecting the lungs from infection and inflammation.

Recurrent cough could be as a result of hay fever, common cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

The cough that comes with serious illnesses heals within few days and to a few weeks.
chronic cough on the other hand, is that which hangs on for more than three to eight weeks, sometimes even for months or even years. This is the type of cough that one should run to the doctor for but not limited.

For that stubborn cough that wont go away, here are some of the possible causes

1. Postnasal drip ( upper airway cough syndrome)

The human nose is also a door to the lower respiratory tract other than breathing. So, it’s duty is to control the air passage to the lungs. It warms air that is cool, moisturizes air that is dry, and expunge the dirty particles from the air. The nasal membranes does these tree task by producing mucus that is warm, moist, and sticky. When viruses, allergies attack the noses it produces more mucus which are rather watery, thin and runny. Instead of going down the nose and causing nuisance, it goes down the throat. This creats a tingling sensation in the nerves of the nasopharynx, causing cough.

2. Asthma:
This can be a potential reason for persistent coughing, because of excessive mucus production, shortness of breath, and cough which are also symptoms of asthma.

3. It could be a warning sign for impending health dangers to be checked
4. Stress
5. Lack of sufficient fluid in the body
6. Excessive dryness or moistness
7. Possible bacterial infection
8. Blood pressure medicine

Managing Persistent Cough
1. Take lots of fluid to be hydrated at all times
2. Take lozenges and hot warm tea
3. Try a warm bath
4. Limit your perfume and air sprays. They could contribute
5. Medications will a lot of good

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