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Mechanics for Sneezing

Sneezing is your body’s way of removing irritating substances from your body.

It is also known as sternutation. It is the process of expelling mucus containing irritants of the nasal cavity. Sneezing is a neurologic reflex, and it depends on the person.


Here are some of the possible reasons why we sneeze.
1. Unexpected change in temperature

2. Breeze of cold air

3. Full stomach (snatiation)

4. Exposure to bright light unexpectedly

5. Viral infection (the flu)

6. Sinusitis
This is when the nasal passages are inflamed

7. Allergy

8. Common cold

9. Rhinitis
This is an inflammation of the inside of your nose.

10. Nose bleed
The blood vessels found in the nose are very fragile and can lead to bleed easily.

There is anterior nose bleed, where the blood vessels at the front of the nose break and bleed, while posterior, breakage of the blood vessels at the back of the nose.

Dry air, uncontrollable sneezing, allergic reactions, chemical irritants, picking of the nose, cold air, overdose of aspirin, upper respiratory infection, nose injury, foreign objects stuck in the nose, high blood pressure, cancer, blood clotting and bleeding disorders can result to sneezing.


1. Keep your pets out of the house to avoid animal dander.

2. Steady removal of dirt and dust is key.

3. Get air filtering devices and humidifiers.

4. Avoid industrial and agricultural zones.

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