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3 Common Home Accidents That Can Be Avoided

Accidents at home cannot be avoided or completely overcome especially when you have kids.

But there are some preventive measures that you can take to ensure safety around the house.

1. Be Fire Conscious

Let fire safety come to your mind at all times and ensure you have all the necessary things to ensure that safety.

Your open fires and heaters should be adequately guarded. Keep portable heaters away from furniture and curtains.

Don’t hang clothes over, on or near the fire, or the cooker. Stop the habit of smoking in bed. Never leave a pan unattended when deep fat frying and watch for overheating.

For safer frying use oven chips or a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer. keep matches and lighters well out of reach.

There should be smoke detector in the house. The one with a long-life battery of about ten years. Don’t stay in the house when there’s fire outbreak.

Don’t try to be the hero. Plan your escape route. Remember Get out, stay out and call the fire service.

2. Be Watchful When It Comes To Electricity

Kids are usually fascinated when it comes to electrical connections or appliances that are electric dependent.

Keep them out of their reach or monitor them so they don’t go close. They might be electrocuted. Check your wiring installation by a pro. At least once in five years.

Don’t use/manage worn out or damaged flexes. Don’t wire flexes together.

Stop using faulty appliances/sockets. Call the electrician immediately.

Don’t overload your electric sockets.

3. Heating And Cooking

Make sure your air vents or airbricks are not blocked.

Be conscious of the signs of CO poisoning such as drowsiness and flu like symptom.

If your gas flame, which normally burns blue, burns orange this may be a built up of carbon monoxide.

Have your appliance checked immediately.

Check the pilot regularly on gas cookers and water heaters to make sure it has not gone out.

If you smell a gas leak, open the windows, turn off the supply and call your gas supplier.

Don’t operate switches as a trigger could ignite the gas.

Monitor your kids when the your gasses and heaters are on.

Be careful where your hot water, tea, coffee or soup are kept for the safety of the children.

Keep your knives, pen handles (turned inwards), cordless or coiled lead kettles out of the reach of the children.


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