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Leaving Your Paid Job for Entrepreneurship

It is very easy to say you are leaving your paid job to start your own business.

One of the biggest hurdles to this is our tendency to seek comfort and security.

Even if it is not a mindful realisation, most of us desire both of those things.

Entrepreneurship feels peculiarly similar.

Leaving your job and jumping into entrepreneurship is a lot like jumping out of a plane and fall freely, not wondering whether the parachute will open to save you.

It is a scary thing to leave the comfort of your job and entering into the world of entrepreneurship.

It is so scary that very few entrepreneurs overcome the fear enough to take the plunge.

So, the question is; what is the best way to overcome that fear?

It is the same for any fear: just focus on the results, the benefits, rather than the fearful part.

Here are five benefits of being an Entrepreneur:

  • No limit on your income

Most people don’t get into entrepreneurship to make the same income they made at their paid job.

Unlike what happens most paid jobs, there is no limit to how much you can earn as an entrepreneur.

If you wish to make N1m a year, you can do that.

If you want to earn N10m a year, or even N100m, those are within the halls of possibility too.

No performance assessment to controls how much you will get.

Your income is tied to the success of your business and nothing else.

  • Excitement about your work

How excited are you to wake up on Monday morning?

For most employees, Mondays are exhausting because they start a new week.

But for most entrepreneurs, Monday mornings are celebrated because work is exciting!

Real entrepreneurs love the trials they face because of their work, because they are them

solving their own challenges and not that of their boss.

  • Flexibility to enjoy time off

Yes, entrepreneurs work a lot.

While this may be true, the difference lies in the flexibility available.

Entrepreneurs can work when they want, how they want, where they want.

If they want to work 100 hours per week, they have chosen to do so.

There is no “time off request form”.

In some organizations, you will have to signed from four or five supervisors in order to take off time.

Being and entrepreneur, your time is your own, and you alone decide how to spend it.

  • No terrible bosses

We have all had terrible bosses in one way or the other.

When you work at a job, there is little or nothing you can do to change that.

You could quit, but another bad boss is going to be at the next place anyway.

Then there are your co-workers. They can be worse.

But when you are in control of your company, you are the boss.

You are not forced to work with anyone.

No one is going to force you to work overtime.

  • Ability to build serious wealth

Besides the limitless income opportunity, owning your own business can also help you get rich.

This is possible if you do it right, you can build some serious wealth through the growth and development of your company.

Look at Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, or any other seriously wealthy individuals.

They didn’t get that way through saving money or working for others.

Instead, they built businesses and allowed those businesses to grow their personal wealth.

Anyone can use business to grow wealthy.


While entrepreneurship has many rewards, the risks are also high.

Many businesses fail.

Entrepreneurs get scorched out and stressed out and have miserable days too.

But also, unlike skydiving, most entrepreneurial schemes are not life-threatening.

The worst-case situation for most entrepreneurs is, “Well, I guess I’ll go back to a job for now,” which is not any different from how they started.

So, do not focus on the fear.

Focus instead on the growth and development that awaits you.

Arierhi Odjirighohttps://360aproko.com/
Music lover, writing gives me joy and am a proud one. The secret of getting ahead is getting started

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