Dentist Shamed Mom For Breast Feeding in The Waiting Room

A New York mom’s Facebook post has going viral after her dentist allegedly embarassed her for breastfeeding her child last Saturday. In the post, Tiffany Elliott says Dr. Robin Craig made her feel uncomfortable for nursing her nine-month-old baby in the waiting room at Wilson Dental in Irondequoit.

Elliott wrote “[Dr. Craig] began to ask the usual questions and Ember (my infant) became fussy/hungry. As I answered her question, I had Ember cradled and one hand at the bottom of my shirt, with ZERO skin exposed,” saying that she was at an appointment for her five-year-old Vayda. “Dr. Ignorant then says, ‘Ok I’m uncomfortable and whatever you are doing there needs to stop!’ while motioning around her chest with her hands frantically.”

I am sincerely beside myself as I was just SHAMED FOR BREASTFEEDING MY 9 MONTH OLD by DR. Craig of WILSON DENTAL on EAST…– Posted by Tiffany Elliott on Saturday, December 1, 2018

Elliott says she was disturbed “My jaw dropped… I CRIED you guys! I felt so embarrassed. Not by the thing I love, which is nurturing my baby whereever and whenever, but by the total IGNORANCE.”

Before she left the office, Elliott says she attempted to explain her legal rights to Dr. Craig (public breastfeeding is legal in New York) but that the dentist rsponded that she didn’t care. “Her ignorance and comfort level does NOT trump my baby’s needs,” the mom of two wrote (It is slightly unclear why Elliot posted a photo of her five-year-old while writing about an incident that involved her nine-month-old. To be clear, she was not nursing the five-year-old.)

Dr. Mike Wilson, following Saturday’s incident, owner of Wilson Dental, apologized on Facebook, with a post that said, “We completely support all mothers’ rights to breastfeed their children in public. We do not accept, condone, or believe in any kind of discrimination against breastfeeding moms.” He included that all of the staff will go through educational training given by the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester.

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