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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Michael Blackson Defends Kelvin Harts Step Down And Blasts Oscar

Michael Blackson‘s got a few remarkable points about the outcome from Kevin Hart being chosen to host the Oscars, but he’s positive, no matter what … Kevin’s gonna be just ok.

The comedian was spotted outside Boulevard3 in Hollywood Thursday night and asked about Kevin quitting from hosting after being banged for old homophobic tweets.

Blackson goes to defense for his buddy (they’re back on good rapports), telling us all black comics have said unpleasant things in the past — even the legends — and the Academy should have been well conscious of that.

Blackson says the Oscars is just as at fault for this catastrophe, because it either presented Hart the job without looking up his past … or overlooked it. Either way, Mike feels Kev’s response should have been enough to cure the situation … but no such fluke.

The Ghanaian native also points out there was really one perfect black comedian who never said anything erroneous, and well … look where he’s presently.

Anyway, Michael’s not nervous about his friend … because he says Hart’s still rich and doesn’t really need the hosting gig.

Blackson on the other hand as well..

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Still on the matter, i remain EFE MICHAEL ODEMWINGIE but most preferably called MICBOY. Am simple going and private minded. a lover of good music, an exquisite dancer and a comedian. Let me just dash out with a word of wisdom: Never ever underestimate your potentials because you haven't tried it all. Always remember "A lion never quite".

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