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Report: Patient Cough up Blood Clot in Shape of Lung Passage

A patient dying from heart failure last month coughed up a blood clot in the shape of his right lung’s bronchial tree, which was measured almost 6-inches in length, according to a photo from the New England Journal of Medicine.

The 36-year-old patient, who was not identified, was getting treatment at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, according to a Nov. 29 article by NEJM.

According to the report, in the course of the treatment, the man’s condition worsened and he began coughing up blood and phlegm. Amid the hacking, he coughed up “an intact cast of the right bronchial tree,”.

The doctors determined the patient’s blood had taken over the passages in his right bronchial tree and solidified “like Jell-O.”

Gavitt Woodard, a cardiothoracic surgery fellow at the hospital said “No one on our team has seen anything close to this,”. She said the blood clots the patient had coughed up were a side effect of the medication.

The patient was intubated for two days after the coughing attack but later died the following week due to complications from heart failure.

Woodward said the patient’s death was unconnected to the coughing incident.

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