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Graphic Video: Boys Nabbed With Body Of A Girl Murdered For Ritual After Facebook Chat

Two men were apprehended with the body of a lady they had just murdered for ritual purposes and they revealed how they met her.

The men, who were busted just as they were calling an ‘Alhaji’ to inform him that they had human parts for sale, were stripped and tied by angry mob after they were nabbed in Aba during the weekend.

When being interrogated, one of the men, identified as Emeka said:

“I’m from Ebonyi state. From Ukawu in Ebonyi state.

He denied knowledge of the murder and asserted that it was the other suspect, identified by his nickname ‘Million’, that was responsible for the lady’s death.

Asked how they killed the lady, Million confessed:

“We chatted her up online, through messager.

“Is the girl a prostitute,” those present at the scene queried Million and he replied:

Yes, a prostitute. For Twenty five thousand.

Emeka, the other suspect can be heard in the background denying his involvement in the murder and saying:

“Million, you won’t tell these people that I didn’t join you people in killing this person.

When asked how the woman was killed, Million said:

“Na this boy (Emeka) use rope tie am.

The woman’s body can be seen on the ground, with a lot of blood on the floor, close to her head. Her bag was also retrieved from the scene.

At this point, a man in the gathering can be heard saying:

This is what they’ve been doing; kidnapping girls, closing their accounts.
“This is what they’re doing. When they get the girl, they’ll close the girl’s account, beat the girl, kill the girl, and do all sorts of nonsense.

The man added that they strangled the girl after supressing her to ensure she doesn’t scream. They added that the boys are ritualists and were caught trying to call Alhaji so they can sell her body parts. They said they heard Million calling the Alhaji to inform him that they have a woman’s body parts.

As they were being taken out, the suspect Identified as Emeka, said:

“Sir, it’s this guy (Million) and my brother that are working together.

“I don’t know this guy. 

When asked for his brother’s name, he simply replied: “Chidera.”

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