Internal bleeding detected in Diego Maradona

Former Argentina player Diego Maradona is reportedly set to undergo surgery in his home country after suffering from a stomach bleed. The 58 years of age football legend had failed to show up for training at Mexican side Dorados where he is now a coach. It has now emerged that he has been admitted after internal bleeding in his stomach was detected during a routine check up recently.

Maradona was undergoing routine examinations in his homeland before returning to Mexico, where he is coach of second division side Dorados de Sinaloa, when doctors discovered the problem and activated surgery procedures.

Reports reaching us is that he would have an endoscopy at a clinic in Olivos, on the outskirts of the capital Buenos Aires with children Gianna, Janita and Diego Jr at his side. The severity of his condition was not known and the hospital has made no official statement as of yet.

His health scare is the latest for Maradona, who has suffered frequent hospital stays over the years, often due to the lavish lifestyle that helped make him one of the most admired and iconic footballers of the 20th century. He last fell ill at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where he was filmed passing out in an executive box at the Argentina-Nigeria game after he gave Nigerians the middle finger. hmmm, juju at work?

He was hospitalised in 2004 with serious heart and respiratory problems linked to cocaine use. He later underwent drug rehabilitation in Cuba and Argentina before a stomach-stapling operation in 2005 helped him lose weight. In 2007 he checked himself into a clinic in Buenos Aires to help him overcome alcohol abuse problems. In recent months he has walked with the aid of crutches due to problems with his knees. So many health issues, we wish you a speedy recovery sir.

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Vanessa Lawson
Vanessa Lawson
I love everything writing and informative, it lightens my soul.


How will i know who he was talking to?

How will i know who he was talking to? Shebi i was just trying to...

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Somebody should help o. What are they celebrating? I thought it was “Ikomo” o.😶😶

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This bros wanto scam BM because of woman

Wo!, I cannot come and kill myself

Wo!, I cannot come and kill myself, to keep fit is not by force!
Vanessa Lawson
I love everything writing and informative, it lightens my soul.

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