Acts 9:20-31

God constantly turns people’s lives around. God is a God of new beginnings and transformation. In the same way, God uses us to turn things around. Genesis 1& 2, reveals that God’s Spirit turned the world around in the beginning. The world was void, water over the surface of the earth, their was emptiness, darkness, no creatures, no man nor his helper, but God brought light, life, creatures, man and his helper. From that time, the one desire of the devil was to turn back what God has destined to turn around. The devil came to manipulate and try to reverse God’s turn, John 10:10.

In bibleinoneyear.org, I read this story: ‘Big John’ had been living on the streets of London for over ten years. Before that he had spent over nine years in prison. Most of his teeth were missing. He was addicted to methadone. His nickname on the streets of London was ‘Big John’ because he was a big guy who had once boxed for the Army. He came with his friend ‘Little John’.

‘Big John’ walked into our night shelter for the homeless at HTB. He loved it and appreciated all the young people who cared for him. He started coming to church. He came on Alpha. He encountered Jesus. He was filled with the Holy Spirit on the Alpha weekend. He came off the drugs. God turned his life right around.

He started telling his friends on the streets about Jesus. Each week, he would turn up at church with more friends. His nickname on the streets, changed from ‘Big John’ to ‘John the Baptist’! One of the guys he had met on the Alpha weekend was in the property business and found him accommodation. A dentist in our congregation volunteered to replace all his missing teeth. He has been reconciled with his mother and his daughter and he now has a relationship with his grandchildren, whom he had never met before.

Like Big John, we should turn people’s life around. Charlotte Gambill remarked, ‘As God’s people, His Spirit rests within us. We are commissioned to work with Him to turn our world around, to speak into the darkness and bring forth His light, and to find those who are bound and bring them His gift of freedom. We have been given authority to turn around injustice with His justice and hopelessness with His hope. Yet often, we allow our doubts to question this power and let our fears contain this freedom.”

Have you ever felt God ask you to do something that seemed to make no sense? Maybe He asked you to sow financial seed when you were in a financial crisis. Perhaps He asked you to take on a new business venture when you were already stretched with your current business. Or as a parent God asked you to include more people into your already overstretched family. At times, God’s counsel can seem insensitive or out of touch, so we misunderstand or even reject what we hear from God.

There are other times God may want you to turn the lives of others around when your own had not been turned around. It seems ridiculous when God ask you to do something like throwing a baby showers for other people when you are barren, or build a house for Him when you do not have one. Whatever it may be we should not reverse God’s turn, but turn things around.

May God help us in Jesus Name…

Vanessa Lawson
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