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21 Ways To Command Respect When You Enter A Room (Even If You Know No One!)

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In today’s video, we give you 21 fool-proof ways to build your charisma and earn respect from anyone in the room.

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Video Summary:
0:32 – Tip #1 Know your purpose
1:09 – Tip #2 Believe in yourself
1:52 – Tip #3 Dress like the man in charge
2:37 – Tip #4 Call your safety
3:08 – Tip #5 Bring your own crew
4:00 – Tip #6 Start talking to people
4:17 – Tip #7 Acknowledge people
4:32 – Tip #8 Give yourself margin
5:09 – Tip #9 Enter the room with a direction
6:13 – Tip #10 Introduce yourself
6:23 – Tip #11 Remember people’s names
7:08 – Tip #12 Speak to be heard
7:44 – Tip #13 Speak slowly
8:05 – Tip #14 Use pauses
8:36 – Tip #15 Don’t hide or fidget
9:25 – Tip #16 Lean in
9:45 – Tip #17 Sit in the right place
10:01 – Tip #18 Become a great storyteller
11:00 – Tip #19 Use hand gestures
11:32 – Tip #20 Don’t scan during a conversation
11:47 – Tip #21 Be willing to end the conversation

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