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20 STUPID Mistakes I Made In My 20’s (Avoid These!)

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In today’s video I give you 20 of the BIGGEST mistakes I’ve made in my twenties and the lessons you can learn from it.
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Video Summary:
0:15 – Pressured into drinking
0:32 – Drinking too much
1:22 – Relying on alcohol to talk to women
2:03 – Arrested for running from the police
2:45 – Arrested for a second time
3:27 – Not always using protection
3:53 – Thinking I was indestructible
4:50 – Trusting people with my motorcycle
5:14 – Not reporting a collision
6:00 – Buying a truck without shopping around
6:24 – Using the dealership’s finance department
7:05 – ****
7:45 – Not understanding student loans
8:33 – Paying only the minimum payment
9:08 – Trying to sleep with every woman I could
9:55 – ****
10:34 – Being a bad communicator
12:01 – Wearing clothing that was way too big
12:17 – Wearning too much flannel
12:34 – ****

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