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Raised plank with arm lift [Goalkeeper Warm-Up Programme]

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Exercise: start in a standing position with a straight back pressed against the goalpost and both hands holding the goalpost. Slowly bend forwards and lower your hands along the goalpost between your legs, and then put your hands on the ground and lean forwards until reaching a push-up position. From the stable push-up position, activate your core muscles and extend one arm forwards, to the side and up with rotation. Hold each position for two seconds. In between each position, briefly put the hand back on the ground. Repeat with the other arm. Slowly move back to the starting position.

Key points:
• In first phase of exercise, buttocks to be kept in contact with post
• Trunk and legs to be kept straight throughout exercise
• In plank position, body should stay aligned from head to toes and elbows should be kept under shoulders
• During trunk rotation, hands to be kept straight

Repetitions: Five.

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