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♂ What Andropause Means For Your Testosterone – Causes & Natural Solutions – by Dr Sam Robbins

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My favorite, scientifically proven solution for quickly boosting your testosterone levels, naturally:


What Andropause Means For Your Testosterone – Causes & Natural Solutions

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Today’s video is perfect for you if you’ve noticed that:

-Your sex drive isn’t what it used to be and your libido is low(er)
-You have difficulty getting and/or keeping erections… or they’re just not as “strong/hard/large” as they used to be.
-You’re losing your head hair and growing it all over your body.
-Lower energy levels. More “brain fog”
-Not as motivated or “driven” like you used to be.
-Less muscle, strength and stamina.
-Not as “happy” as you used to be. Sometimes you feel “blah” or depressed.
-You’ve gained weight and have a harder time getting rid of belly fat.

Most likely it’s because of you have “male menopause” or the medical name of “andropause”, which is the “negative” change in your hormones due to aging!
“Male” Menopause?…

This happens in men, but it’s very gradual and it starts in your late 20’s.

And that’s the major difference.

For women, it happens suddenly and thus, the symptoms are very intense!

But men, it just creeps up on us gradually.

Little by little, you start to lose your “manhood” due to a drop in your primary MALE sex hormones, such as TESTOSTERONE.

Now you’re losing your libido, you have smaller muscles, hair loss, not “driven” or motivated, etc.

To make matters worse, your FEMALE hormones such as, estrogen begin to INCREASE!

Now you start to get more emotional, depressed and moody, get fatter and maybe even get “man boobs”.

And if that’s not bad enough, as your testosterone levels DECREASE, your “stress” hormones, such as Cortisol, begins to INCREASE!

Now you have more belly fat, anxiety, feeling stressed and agitated, higher cholesterol and blood sugar levels, more aches and pains, etc., etc.

Andropause and the drop in testosterone is happening WAY sooner, faster and harder in men today, then any time in history!!!

Two major studies shows showed that men’s testosterone levels had dropped by 22% between 1987 and 2004 – that only 17 years.

Another study showed that during the past 100 years, there’s been an estimated 57% drop in testosterone!!!

Yes, testosterone levels may “naturally” drop as we get older, but THIS is not natural.

How can we fix this?

Well, I don’t have enough room or time in today’s video to go over all of the ways that you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, then for sure you’ll get access to and notifications for the next set of videos about this topic.

I want to give you something for you to take action on today, so you can see and feel improvements in your testosterone, quickly.
Top 10 Testosterone Boosting Solutions – Quick Summary
Here’s a quick summary of natural ways you can increase your testosterone and sex drive.

-Lift heavy weights, 6-10 reps. 3-4x weekly. NO more than 60 minutes. This increases testosterone.
-Do NO cardio – running, jogging, biking, etc. It increases your stress hormone, cortisol. Only form of “cardio” is a brisk 30-40 min walk, 3-4x weekly
-Reduce your simple carbs. No sugars or fructose.
-Eat more healthy fats, at least 30% of your diet – especially eggs, including the yolk and raw coconut oil. Don’t worry, it won’t cause “high” cholesterol. But it will increase your testosterone.
-Avoid dairy and soy – both will increase your female hormones.
-Avoid meats that aren’t organic and raised on an open pasture. -Almost all red meats are full of hormones that increase your female hormones.
-Reduce or eliminate medications, alcohol, smoking, marijuana, “uppers” and most drugs.
-Get more rest and sleep.
-Take natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are proven to improve your hormones

Click here for a proven, 100% natural solution:

Or you can watch other videos related to erectile dysfunction:

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