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20 Seemingly Normal Things Men Do That Women Find Irresistible!

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In today’s video, I give you 20 things men do that women can’t resist.
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Video Summary:
0:04 – Know How To Cook
0:23 – Loosening a Necktie After Work
0:30 – Wear Nice Sweaters
0:44 – Sleepy Voice
0:59 – Sweat After A Workout
1:36 – Rolling Up Your Sleeves
2:15 – Stubble, Beards, Mustaches, Bald Heads, Hairy Chest
3:20 – Grey Hairs
3:59 – Geeking Out
4:27 – Freckles
4:32 – Concentration Face
4:43 – Clothing Choice
5:38 – Wearing A Uniform
6:23 – Owning Dogs
6:45 – Being Handy
7:01 – Having Rough Hands
7:24 – Laughing Out Loud
7:39 – Initiating Cuddling
7:50 – Taking Care of Your Friends
8:10 – Being Nice To People You Don’t Need To Impress

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