Bam Margera’s struggles with substance abuse put himself and anyone around him in harm’s way … at least according to the “Jackass” franchise director.

Jeff Tremaine — who’s shepherded the “Jackass” movies for years now — claims in new legal docs he loves Bam like a brother, but says he’s had a front-row seat to Bam’s vices and it hasn’t always been pretty.

According to the docs, Jeff says whenever Bam’s intoxicated he’s a danger to himself and others … and he claims Bam’s recent behavior has brought a dark cloud over the movie franchise.

Jeff’s responding to Bam’s lawsuit over his firing from the upcoming ‘Jackass 4’ … as we first told you, Bam claims he was forced to sign an agreement that he claims amounted to psychological torture and got the boot when he didn’t live up to the conditions.

In the docs, Jeff says Bam voluntarily signed the sobriety commitment agreement but stopped cooperating with his wellness program in July 2020 and began taking illicit amphetamines. Tremaine claims the “Jackass” fam tried to find a way for Bam to be in the movie, but Bam’s wellness coach shut them down … and Paramount Pictures ultimately dropped the ax.

As we’ve told you … it’s been a very rocky year for Bam, who has publicly beefed with the “Jackass” crew, with Tremaine even getting a restraining order against him.

Although, cops had to pick him up to take him to rehab … Bam says he’s back in treatment now, and is trying to get well for his son and his career.

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