ADELEI’M SORRY, PEPPA… Let’s Jump in Muddy Puddles and Sing!

Adele is walking back her harsh rejection of her homeland’s most beloved cartoon swine, Peppa Pig, saying she’s definitely down to collab with her … after an on-air confrontation.

If ya missed it … during the “Easy on Me” singer’s very first IG Live last weekend, she answered a fan’s question about working with Peppa with a very blunt “NOOOO!”

So, Peppa called in during Adele’s interview Friday on the “Capital Breakfast” show and called her out … saying it made her really sad to be rejected and asked, “Don’t you like me?”

But, all’s well in the world of Peppa and Adele fans now, because the singer admits she immediately felt terrible about her response and “anytime you wanna go jumping in muddy puddles and singing in muddy puddles, I’m with ya babes.”

With that beef quickly squashed, Peppa’s free to return to trolling other artists about their album reviews — like Kanye — and throw her full support behind Adele’s upcoming album — like her best friend, Drake, did.

Like we said … all’s well in the world.

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