Adrien Broner was sitting in a jail cell early Sunday morning — ’cause the guy got picked up by cops in one state … for being wanted in another.

The boxer was arrested and booked around 1 AM, getting hauled into the Kenton County Jail in Kentucky … where he posed for this mug shot. The charges he got rung up on upon entry … fugitive from another state, from which a warrant was required.

No word on the circumstances of how cops stumbled upon Broner to begin with, but they did.

It’s unclear exactly what case this warrant stems from — but it does originate in Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is) … and could well be in relation to a lawsuit he lost in that jurisdiction about a year ago, when a woman claimed he’d assaulted her in a nightclub.

That case has been ongoing for quite some time — and Broner was even tossed into jail late last year after the judge found him to be in contempt for failing to pay an $800k judgment and comply with the rest of his requirements. At the time, he claimed he was broke.

He’s had other run-ins with the law since then — in Ohio as well, no less — but the assault suit appears to be his only one in Cleveland. Per online court records, Broner has failed to enter a treatment program … spurring the warrant.

Doesn’t look like Broner is going to be able to bond out either … there’s no amount set for him, which means he’ll probably be extradited to the authorities in the neighboring state.

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