America’s Got Talent’: Emotional Performances, High-Tech Mentalists & More Highlights From Week 7

America’s Got Talent returned to TV on Tuesday for the seventh night of auditions, and the competition continues to shine bigger and brighter than ever! ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum are judging and voting on a whole new slate of AGT hopefuls, who are giving it their all for a shot at moving on to the next round of competition, or maybe earning the coveted Golden Buzzer!

Last week, the judges made history when all four of them, along with host Terry Crews, came together to slam the Golden Buzzer in unison for 9-year-old singer Victory Brinker, who stunned everyone with her incredible operatic voice.

Tonight, the fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET for a look at all the acts who gave it their best shot during another exciting week of America’s Got Talent.

Ray Singleton Brings the Tears
7:00 PM: Ray is a powerful singer with a beautiful voice who is singing for his wife — a US NAVY vet and brain cancer survivor who is filled with love for Ray.
He sings a soulful tune, “I Am Yours,” that is filled with incredible power and beautiful emotion, and his wife says she’s never heard him sing so beautifully as he just did.

The judges are floored by their love story, and his wife’s tenacity, and add his voice to the mix and there’s no way the judges couldn’t love him.

They end up giving Ray four yes votes and thus ends Tuesday’s seventh week of auditions on a true high note!

Scarlett Business Stuns the Judges
6:49 PM: Kyle Cragle — a.k.a. Scarlett Business — is a hand-standing contortionist and drag queen, and he’s next-level great at both endeavors.

Scarlett’s appearance is a surprise for the judges, but there’s no denying the level of talent when it comes to the contortionist performance and there’s a lot of love from the judges.

All four give well-deserved yes votes!

Kevin Micoud Is a Mental Mentalist
6:38 PM: There have been a lot of mentalists on AGT — but few have the kind of high-tech showmanship of French mentalist Kevin Micoud.
As part of the act, Kevin had Heidi and Sofia chose from an array of past AGT performers. Then, he “transfers” their choices into Terry’s brain using a holographic interface depicting a human brain.

The use of digital tech blended with old-school mentalism and tradition is, as Simon says, a perfect example of how to “take this act into the future.”

The judges are overwhelmed with appreciation for Kevin and end up giving him four “oui” votes (because he’s French, obviously).

Michael Winslow Makes His Comeback
6:27 PM: Police Academy star Michael Winslow took a break from acting, but now he’s back to showcase his incredible talents as a “voicetrumentalist.”
Blending storytelling with comedy and his uncanny mimicry skills, Winslow is effortlessly entertaining and the judges just love him.

Howie calls him “amazing” and Sofia thinks his whole act is “incredible.”

Simon says he’s “ecstatic” to have Winslow in the competition, and gives one of the comic’s four yes votes, thus moving him to the next round!

Hello Sister Get Mixed Reactions but Love from the Crowd
6:14 PM: Hello Sister is a band made up of young girls who perform an original tune, “Middle Schooler,” which is about their experiences in school.
The performance is fun and quasi-retro and wows Simon and Sofia but leaves Howie and Heidi feelings a bit cold toward their sound.

After Simon and Sofia give them yes votes, Howie says he’s not sure, and the overwhelming booing from the audience toward his opinion on the girls finally convinces him and Heidi to give Hello Sister two more yes votes for a total of four.

Erlich Is a Next-Level Light Artist
6:02 PM: Erlich’s act is hard to explain, but it makes sense why he’s so

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