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✂️Your 25% Coupon for Dr. Sam’s Birthday expires TONIGHT!
Blood SUGAR Optimizer

I believe, and scientific evidence has repeatedly shown that managing your blood sugar levels is literally the key to living a long and healthy life.

This is why lower carb diets, ketogenic and intermittent fasting is so popular, IF done correctly and they’re cycled.

However, even with the most perfect diet, aging alone will increase blood sugar and decrease insulin sensitivity.

This is why I use Blood Sugar Optimizer daily and have done so since 2003. It helps

Optimize your blood sugar levels in a HEALTHY range!
This obviously means not high, but also not low either – BOTH are bad for your health.

Increases insulin sensitivity and thus, your body requires less insulin to be produced which means less body fat and more muscle

Improves sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, while ALSO reducing cravings –
THIS means you can still continue to eat carbs, which ARE needed to improve thyroid levels, produce more testosterone, give you energy, have better workouts, build more muscle and so forth.

Most people have a lot of stress – but, much of it is emotional stress. Our lives are far more complicated now, than 25, 50 or 100 years ago. So much is coming at us that it’s draining us emotionally.

Thus, have depleted brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and of course, higher levels of stress hormones like Cortisol.

THIS Is why so many of us have anxiety, worry, depression, … feelings of frustration, anger and other negative emotions.

I used to think it was all in my head.

Maybe I’m stressing out over nothing — but I’ve noticed that any time I don’t work for a couple of days — which is rare — or I don’t deal with negative people and other DRAINING situations, my mood is so much better.

I’m laughing, singing, positive and most importantly, I sleep so much better.

Body Brain Energy

Speaking of “Brain and Body”, every morning I take Body-Brain Energy.

This gives me energy throughout the day. No caffeine high or stimulant crashes. It’s long-lasting.

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