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👉 How Wearing A Bra Increases Your Risk of Breast Cancer by 125 Times – by Dr Sam Robbins

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• Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) News 2002; 58(11)
• “Dressed to Kill” by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer

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How Wearing A Bra Increases Your Risk of Breast Cancer by 125 Times
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a lady asking if wearing a bra increases breast cancer (a friend had told her this). Well, as odd as that may sound, there is a lot of truth to it.

There have been studies showing that women who wear bras all the time, especially to bed, are 125 times MORE LIKELY to develop breast cancer than a woman who has at NEVER worn one. The 24-hour bra wearers face a horrendous 75% chance of contracting breast cancer.

Dressed To Kill
In fact, a book entitled “Dressed to Kill” by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer talks all about this subject in great detail, based on a study of over 4,000 women.

Their findings included:

Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer
Women who wore bras more than 12 hour per day, but not to bed, had a 1 out of 7 risk
Women who wore their bras less than 12 hours per day had a 1 out of 52 risk
Women who wore bras rarely or never had a 1 out of 168 chance of getting breast cancer
The overall difference between women who wore their bras 24-hours a day and those who did not wear bras at all was a 125-fold difference. Based on the results of this study, the link between bras and breast cancer is about three times greater than the link between cigarette smoking and cancer.

Breast Cancer & Lymph Nodes
breast cancer lymph nodes

Researchers agree that wearing a tight and ill-fitting bra, can cut off lymph drainage, which can contribute to the development of breast cancer. This is because your body will be less able to excrete some of the toxins – such as from the aluminum from using antiperspirant deodorants.

And having a metal underwire bra is much worse. If you have to have an underwire bra, choose a plastic wire.

But Wait, Don’t Burn Your Bra Just Yet …
Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows that I am NOT about “extremes” of any kind – money, food, exercise, work, etc. So, just as many medical studies have flaws, so do some of these studies.

In VERY simple terms … women who wear bras “all the time”, tend to usually have bigger than average breasts and typically have higher body fat. Bigger breasts are usually due to higher estrogen levels. Higher body fat also increases estrogen production.

Thus, higher estrogen tends to trigger cancer more often – especially in the breasts. Of course, that’s just ONE flaw with some of the studies.

BUT, please note that it is NOT a good idea to wear your bra ALL the time, as it WILL increase your rate of breast cancer (just not as much as these study or as the book claims).

At the very least, don’t wear them to bed. Find a happy medium … The less often you can wear them, the better.

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