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💓The Best Juice For Lowering High Blood Pressure & Hypertension – by Dr Sam Robbins

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This has all the natural ingredients:

Or discover the best 21 foods for improving blood flow:
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💓The Best Juice For Lowering High Blood Pressure & Hypertension – by Dr Sam Robbins
In fact, a combination 7 specific fruits and vegetables, can dramatically lower high blood pressure. You can eat these foods separately, or you can blend them into a juice or smoothie,


Leafy Green
As you know, vegetables are always part of a healthy diet. A couple of my favorites for lowering blood pressure is kale and spinach.

The next vegetable to add to the blender is celery. They have almost no calories. However, they’re great for lowering blood pressure because they work similar to calcium channel blocking drugs, but with NO side-effects.

Unfortunately, you do need to consume a lot of it to get maximum benefits for lowering blood pressure.

For this reason, I take a special form of celery seed extract in a pill, 300 mgs daily, which is the equivalent of taking 50 lbs of celery stalk.

It’s clinically proven to work, it’s easy and convenient.
Tomatoes contain Lycopene, a substance found in the tomato seeds. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, so a double benefit. I like the little baby grape tomatoes.

However, if you’re not a fan of tomatoes, then you can take Lycopene extract about 40 mgs daily.

Red Beets
And the last vegetable I recommend are beets because they are high in nitric oxide, which helps open and expand your blood vessels and thus, helps lower blood pressure.

This is similar to how the amino acids Arginine and Citrulline work.

You can eat beets of course or add in a little bit of beet juice into your blender.

Out of all the fruits, berries are one of the healthiest. Their thin skin allows more nutrients to be formed from the sun and thus, they’re very high in flavonoids.

Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are very good. However, the most powerful by far for lowering blood pressure are Hawthorn Berries.

Unfortunately, Hawthorn Berries are hard to come by and they’re not as readily available as the other berries. So, I actually take the extract form in a pill at 900 mgs daily.

Again, it’s easy, convenient and costs a fraction of the price of buying the actual Hawthorn berries. Of course, the berries taste much better than taking a pill.

Grapes, similar to berries, have thin skin and are rich in health-protecting antioxidants, including resveratrol and flavonoids. These antioxidants are found mainly in the skin, stem, leaf and most abundantly, in the SEEDS of the grapes, rather than in their pulp.

Dark red and purple grapes have higher antioxidants than white or green grapes.

And this is a primary reason why red wine has some blood pressure lowering effects – because of the grapes.

The main problem with grape juice is that it’s high in calories and sugars, which can spike up your insulin levels, which can indirectly increase your blood pressure.

So, keep an eye on the calories, don’t consume more than 1 cup daily.

Or you can do what I do – take grape seed extract at 300 mgs daily. It’s very potent, clinically proven, easy and convenient… and has no calories.

Finally, let’s talk about one of my favorite fruits, especially when it comes to lowering blood pressure and that’s, Pomegranates.

They taste great, especially with a little bit of salt.

Unfortunately, it’s a very messy fruit and it’s time consuming to take apart each of the seeds. So, it’s easier to just drink the juice.

However, just like grape juice, it is high in calories. Make sure you limit it to just one cup daily and read the labels to make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugars. Just pure juice.

Alternatively, you can take Pomegranate Extract at about 200 mgs daily – which is what I do.

Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends.

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