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🔬Harvard Study Reveals 4 Foods That Lower Your Cholesterol By 17% – by Dr Sam Robbins

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Help Me, Help YOU… Get Healthier, Faster!

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🔬Harvard Study Reveals 4 Foods Proven To Lower Your Cholesterol By 17%
Today I’m going to reveal four main foods that are clinically proven in multiple clinical studies, including a Harvard study1… to improve your heart health. Which resulted in a decrease of “bad” LDL cholesterol by 17%

Additional Improvements were seen in a
lowering of triglycerides (which are the most common fat types in the human body),
blood pressure
and C-reactive protein (which is a marker of inflammation).

This was examined in both randomized and non-randomized controlled trials, so they took into account multiple variables.

In fact, these four foods are so effective that several government organizations have recognized and are utilizing the benefits of this specific diet which includes these foods.

And the best type of diet which includes these 4 food types are “plant based” diets.

However, if you don’t want to go 100% plant based, that’s fine… You can still reap the benefits by simply adding in these 4 foods types into your current diet.

The 4 Food Types For Improving Heart Health

Healthy fats in nuts are very healthy, and I think almonds, macadamia and walnuts are best. Ideally you would soak them in water for 8 hours before eating, to improve digestion

Plant Proteins
This was from plant proteins obtained either from soy-based foods such as tofu, soy milk, or other soy-based meat substitutes.

As you may know from previous videos, I’m not a fan of soy because it lowers thyroid and testosterone, while increasing estrogens.

A better source of plant proteins would be from beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils. Remember that you can also have these plant proteins in powder form – such as pea and rice protein.

The study used primarily soluble fiber, such as “oats, barley, psyllium, eggplant, okra, apples, oranges, and berries”.

Plant Sterols

Certain foods containing plant sterols, can also help lower “bad”, LDL cholesterol. These are “cholesterol-like” compounds that can be found in certain fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals.

3 Additional Foods

Numerous studies have also shown that 3 additional foods are also very beneficial. Primarily when take in a supplemental “extract” form, which is far more concentrated and effective than the food source:

Policosanol 2 – which is a natural supplement derived from sugarcane.
Artichoke Leaf Extract 3 – which has numerous studies going back to the early 1930’s
Red Yeast Rice Extract 5,6 – which has been safely used in China for over 2000 years

My Parents & Their Results

What’s interesting is that in 1998 I used a modified version of this diet with my parents to help lower their cholesterol. This is because I wanted to get them off of the statin cholesterol lowering drugs, which had a lot of negative side-effects

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