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How To EFFECTIVELY Work From Home (50 Tips I’ve Learned Over The Last 10 Years!)

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In today’s video, I give you 50 effective tips I’ve learned from working at home for the last 10 years.
🔴https://youtu.be/-bV8Z_AD45o?list=PLbAUemeg-KydxD4HvBp19REEqp9CT15Xr – Click here to watch Why Your DAILY Routine Matters More Than Ever!

👉Click here to read the article – https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/working-from-home-for-men/ – How To Work From Home (EFFECTIVE Tips I’ve Learned)

0:01 – Minimize distractions
0:51 – Have a dedicated space
1:28 – Identify the 4% that yields the 64%
1:58 – Have an accountability partner
2:11 – Schedule everything
2:42 – Be kind to yourself
3:15 – Protect your most productive time
3:45 – Exercise
4:25 – Start your day early
4:53 – End the day early
5:34 – Shut down your computer
5:58 – Have a separate phone for work and personal
6:31 – Schedule time to eat
6:55 – Set realistic goals
7:46 – Overcommunicating and deadlines
8:43 – Avoid multitasking
8:52 – Do less, Do it better
9:20 – Switching cost
10:25 – Use a timer
10:40 – Give yourself a break
11:11 – Listen to audiobooks & music
11:45 – Allot 5% of your workday to clean & organize
12:30 – A solid 6 hours is actually really good
13:43 – Make sure your work email works
13:49 – Have a separate email for your work and personal
14:22 – Be clear who the email is for
15:08 – Use dual monitors
15:17 – Have a separate browser for work and personal
15:51 – If you depend on it, have a backup
16:42 – Plan for the meeting
16:57 – Make sure that there’s a point and a bit of confrontation
17:20 – Keep the meeting short and start it on time
17:52 – Appoint a sergeant-at-arms
18:06 – Encourage people to take things offline
18:21 – Avoid side meetings
18:37 – Set the meetings at the same time and place
18:57 – Run sprints
19:41 – Have a remote buddy (work wife)
20:31 – Record our screen
20:47 – Use Zoom for meetings
21:19 – Record your meeting
21:55 – Practice using the software
22:07 – Learn how to share your screen
22:35 – Workplace environment matters
22:55 – Ball chair rule
23:04 – Standing desks are awesome
23:33 – Dress for work

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