Scottie Pippen better think again before he continues to crap all over Kevin Durant’s legacy … so says ex-NBAer Brandon Jennings, who KD is way better than Pippen ever was!!!

Of course, Pip UNLOADED on the Brooklyn Nets superstar in an interview with GQ this week … saying KD’s selfish playing cost his team a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Naturally, KD fired back on Twitter … reminding Pippen he’s the guy who refused to play in the final seconds of a 1993 semifinals game because coach Phil Jackson drew up a play for Toni Kukoc instead.

We spoke with Jennings about the Wagyu-quality beef between the two guys … and he tells us Pippen’s resume cannot live up to KD’s, so he better respect the greatness.

“I mean if I’m KD I wouldn’t listen to Scottie,” BJ said outside Crustacean on Thursday. “I mean, KD is better than Scottie.”

When we pointed out the ring count — Scottie has 6, KD has 2 — Jennings says it’s bigger than that.

“At the end of the day, KD was shorthanded, and at the end of the day, he did the best that he could do just like when Mike left the Bulls back in the ’90s and Scottie had a chance to be the man.”

Jennings admits both guys have the right to say whatever they want — they’re both amazing ballers — but KD is essentially untouchable.

“Nah man, leave KD alone, man!”

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