Brian Laundrie’s street is home to a media circus and tons of drama … but people aren’t afraid to be his new neighbor, because some folks are moving in just a few doors down.

Alisha Colligan and Tony Gustitus, who represent one of the top real estate teams in North Port, FL, despite the media frenzy outside Brian’s house, people are still swooping up houses on his street.

In fact, the real estate agents say they just closed on a new home Monday that was purchased for $379k … just a stone’s throw away from the Laundrie house.

We’re told the buyers were from out of state and expressed interest in the home prior to the Laundrie and Gabby Petito media madness, which apparently didn’t turn them off.

Brian’s new neighbors even got a first-hand look at what it’s like right now on the block, where tensions are running high between neighbors and protestors, even leading to a fight.

We’re told the buyers flew in for a walk-through at the house last week and closed on the home, despite warnings about the media frenzy, easing fears for the real estate agents who worried the Laundrie case might scuttle the deal.

It’s interesting … we’re told the Laundrie situation doesn’t appear to be having a negative effect on the housing market in North Port, where home sales are still on the rise.

Media Access Outside Brian Laundrie’s Family House

Maybe being one of Laundrie’s neighbors is a good thing … some folks on his block are charging media up to $3,500 per week to set up shop on their lawns.

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