or quite literally exorcised the local police from his building after they apparently tried breaking up his church service over COVID rules … and the video is wild.

Check out this clip that Artur Pawlowski posted Sunday, live from a church in Calgary … where he seemed to be holding a service in observance of Passover, which ends the same day as Easter this year. His video picks up with him confronting several cops, along with what appears to be a municipal worker accompanying them … and things get heated fast.

He calls them “Nazis” and part of the “Gestapo” repeatedly, telling them they’re not welcome there and that if they wanna try shutting something down, to come back with a warrant.

The police and the worker appear to pushback at first, trying to explain the situation — looks like someone might’ve called in to complain about the number of people inside — but Pawlowski was having none of it … screaming at them in a rage and giving ’em the boot.

Eventually, Calgary PD caved … and they left the premises as Pawlowski followed them out, with his congregation in tow. He said he couldn’t believe the cops would come and make a stink on the holiest of days for his religion, which appears to be some form of Christianity.

Now, some are praising Pawlowski for standing up to them … calling him a “hero.” However, others point out that if he was, indeed, breaking regulations by hosting too many people … that’s not cool. Calgary has a 15% in-person capacity limit right now for worship.

In any case, it’s a mixed bag on how people feel about this. There’s one thing everyone can agree on, though … that face-off was intense. Yikes … 😬

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