CHRIS MASSEYJamie Lynn & Britney Drama …NOT DERAILING ‘ZOEY 101’ REBOOT!!!

Britney Spears publicly beefing with her little sister, Jamie Lynn, is having no impact on the “Zoey 101” reboot moving forward … so says Chris Massey.

We got the former Nickelodeon star — and Jamie Lynn’s costar — Tuesday in L.A., where he told us he’s heard the exact opposite of what his fellow ‘Zoey’ alum, Paul Butcher, said online the other day … about the #FreeBritney drama potentially derailing the show’s revival.

Check it out, Chris tells us he’s been in touch with Jamie Lynn fairly recently, and that as far as he knows — the plan is still to bring back the show … even though he admits they have been somewhat delayed.

However, he also acknowledges JLS is going through some family drama — namely Brit crushing her little sis on social media over the conservatorship and an old award show beef.

July 18, 2021 @ThePaulButcher
Chris says he’s not sure why Paul made it seem like the reboot was off … and even has a message for his old pal. He wants to have a little chat to clear the air, and any rumors he might’ve inadvertently caused with his TikTok post.

BTW, Chris gives us a bit of insight into what he remembers about Britney and Jamie Lynn’s relationship … albeit from many years past. Although Britney’s making it seem like it’s no love lost between them, he remembers a time it was clearly much different.

Anyway, ‘Zoey’ fans can stand down, and cancel any petition writing campaigns — as far as Chris has been told, the show must go on.

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