Cramer’s lightning round: Nokia had a decent quarter

WD-40: “Penalty box! That last quarter was a miss. There’s no denying it. It is an unlikely thing for WD-40 … I’m going to put it in the penalty box. Two majors, that means I need to see two more quarters.”

UP Fintech: “I say it’s nay.”

MP Materials: “If you want to hold it long-term I think there’s real value here, but short-term you know it’s a part of a whole cohort of stocks that nobody can get rid of and it doesn’t matter what they make, and that’s the problem with MP.”

Nokia: “Nokia had a decent quarter, and so did Erickson, by the way. I’m giving you a twofer.”

Marathon: “I like Conoco — I added that one — and I like Chevron in the majors, and then I still like, by the way, Pioneer is terrific.”

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