One of the few copies of the Declaration of Independence, which was found in an attic in Scotland, has sold for a whopping $4,420,000!

It’s an incredible story … a woman named Cathy Marsden who works for Lyon & Turnbull discovered the document proclaiming independence while rooting through a bunch of papers in her attic. When she first eyed it was folded up. When she unfolded it, she was stunned, saying, “When I got back to the office and started doing some research I became really excited as its significance became clearer.”

There were only 201 copies made, but only 48 are known to still exist. The copies were made so they could be distributed and read to people who lived in the 13 colonies.

As for the document Cathy found, it was initially given to Charles Carroll, a Catholic Founding Father, who was a signer on the document. He later became a U.S. Senator.

Only 6 copies are currently in private hands. As for this one … the name of the highest bidder has not been disclosed.

The document — which is known as America’s Birth Certificate, includes the famous words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Pretty amazing!

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