The FBI is now involved in the Deshaun Watson sexual misconduct case … so says the NFL star’s accusers’ attorney, who claims federal agents have launched their own probe into the quarterback.

Tony Buzbee — who represents the more than 20 female massage therapists who have alleged Watson was inappropriate with them during rub-down sessions — made the surprising claim this week.

In an interview with League of Justice & Amy Dash, Buzbee says FBI agents have spoken with him and Watson’s accusers on multiple occasions over the past few days.

“They contacted me and I’ve met with them three times now and now they’ve met with several of the plaintiffs in the case,” Buzbee said.

Buzbee explained the agents told them they think they have jurisdiction in the case due to the way Watson allegedly reached out to the women in several states over social media direct messaging — and the alleged encounters themselves took place in different states.

But, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, is calling B.S. on it all … saying in a statement, “I have absolutely no reason to believe that Deshaun is being investigated by the FBI.”

He added, “Mr. Buzbee’s comments are just part of a long, continuing pattern of just trying to harm Deshaun in the public perception. It is despicable conduct and I hope one day people will hold him accountable when the whole truth comes out.”

The FBI, meanwhile, would not confirm nor deny if it was investigating the 25-year-old … according to the League of Justice & Amy Dash’s report.

As we previously reported, both the Houston Police Dept. and the NFL have launched investigations into Watson, who is currently still practicing and getting ready for the regular season with the Houston Texans despite the allegations

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