Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death

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Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death!

One of the many perks about living in Southern California is that there’s no smoking and it’s been going on for years, specific to many cities. It’s banned, which means I don’t have to smell it, let alone deal with the potential health risks.

But then a few years ago, people started using “healthy” forms of tobacco from e-cigarettes and now they’re just called vaping.

Illnesses, Death & Cancer

Around 2015 I noticed much higher use of vaping and even more so the past couple of years.

And because of this, we have a lot more user feedback and real-life effects from vaping and using e-cigarettes. Here are just some of the facts so far:

Personally, I believe one of the biggest issues is that vaping has now become an “epidemic” among teenagers, according to the FDA.1
There have been well over 180 vaping-related lung diseases, according to the CDC.2 … and the numbers are growing quickly.
FDA has stated that vaping can also cause seizures, with over 150 reports.3,4
There have also been numerous vaping-related deaths.5-9
Lastly, these are still drugs and thus, also very addictive!

Keep in mind that maybe e-cigs are probably safer than smoking regular cigarettes simply because they don’t contain the thousands of additional chemicals found in regular cigarettes, known to cause illnesses, cancer and death.

What About Vaping & Marijuana

Today’s topic was mainly about vaping tobacco containing products. However, the use of marijuanna is on the rise because it’s being legalized and thus, people are vaping it more.

Is vaping marijuanna safe for your health or lungs?… NO!

Can you vape pot and not have negative effects in the short run and especially long-term?… NO

If you’d like more details about vaping and marijuana in a future video, let me know below in the comments section.

At the end of the day people, a drug is a drug. Use it often – and addiction will take over (whether physical or emotional) and long-term negatives will eventually kick in

There’s NO other way around it.

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