Scratch CMT off the list of possible landing spots for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s return to TV … despite his history with the channel.

Sources familiar with the situation Dog hasn’t made a pitch of a Brian Laundrie show to CMT just yet, but it sounds like he shouldn’t waste his time, because we’re told the network would not be interested.

One reason for passing … we’re told CMT has a renewed commitment to country music programming — it’s in the name after all — so the network would likely not be doing another series with Dog in the future.

Dog fans will recall … he did a spinoff show with CMT, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” debuting in 2013 and running 3 seasons until 2015, after which Beth announced they were leaving CMT programming.

Dog has TV offers rolling in now that he’s on the hunt for Brian as part of the Gabby Petito case, with multiple networks expressing interest in resurrecting a show with him as the star.

As we’ve seen, Dog’s been willing to get dirty on the manhunt for Brian — but so far, he hasn’t found the guy or a home for his show.

Dog’s OG show aired on A&E, but that network’s already passed on his Brian Laundrie show pitch.

While he doesn’t necessarily have to find Laundrie to score a TV deal … it sure would help him get a contract faster. For now, all we know is Dog won’t be leashed to A&E or CMT.

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