Donald Trump thinks he’d knockout Joe Biden EASILY in a boxing match … saying the current POTUS wouldn’t stand a chance.

45 faced the media at the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort presser before his big commentary gig for Saturday’s event … when he was asked who he’d want to face off against in the ring for a hypothetical fight.

“If you said if I had to box somebody, I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden,” Trump said. “Because I think he’d go down very, very quickly. Very, very quickly.”

Of course, Trump ain’t shy about his hate for Biden … often referring to #46 as “Sleepy Joe.”

DT’s refused to accept the fact Biden beat him fair and square in the voting booths during the 2020 presidential election … so it’s no surprise he’d want to duke it out in the ring.

As we previously reported, The Donald is getting paid MILLIONS to call one of three broadcast options for the Triller fight on Saturday alongside his son, Don Jr.

Part of his duties included being the “honored guest” during the bout’s final press conference at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort on Thursday … but only Trump Jr. was actually present.

DTJ said the gig is a natural fit for the Trumps — they grew up loving combat sports and would probably end up calling the fight to themselves if it weren’t for the opportunity.

Trump will be joined by UFC’s Jorge Masvidal and Todd Grisham in the broadcast booth on Saturday … but if you aren’t interested in that, there’s always the main broadcast with 50 Cent.

As for a fight between Trump and Biden?? Don’t hold your breath — both guys are in their 70s … among other obvious reasons.

But hey, we can dream.

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