Drake Shares Sweet Clip of 3-Year-Old Son Adonis’ Basketball Skills

Drake’s son Adonis is a little basketball star in the making. The rapper took to Instagram to share a sweet video of his 3-year-old son sinking buckets on an indoor kid-hoop.

In the clip, the toddler is seen shooting hoops with a colorful ball while Drake’s song “What’s Next” plays in the background. After making his first shot, Adonis holds up two fingers before scoring another basket.

The rapper later shared more of Adonis’ skills on the court, recording his son shooting hoops on his dad’s private basketball court at his Toronto home.

The little one stayed persistent, missing just two shots of the seven he took, celebrating the accomplishment by letting out a giant roar. Drake also shared a snap of Adonis on the court, pointing to the scoreboard.

The proud dad captioned the photo with an angel emoji, showing off the black-and-gold court which he decorated with the late Kobe Bryant’s basketball numbers, 24 and 8.

The 34-year-old rapper shared some rare photos of himself with his 3-year-old son back in November. In the sweet shots, Drake helps Adonis get ready for the day. The proud dad smiles down at the tot in one pic, as he puts a do-rag on his son’s head. Adonis, sitting patiently on a bed, stays still as his dad works.

Another pic shows more of the same, with the addition of Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, watching her son and grandson lovingly.

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