FANS WON’T BOO BRADY… In Return To New England

There will be nothing but cheers for Tom Brady in his return to New England, so says Deion Branch, who tells he expects NO boos from the Patriots faithful on Sunday.

Brady is making his first trip to Gillette Stadium as a Pats opponent after dominating for the home team for years … and many are wondering, what will the reception be like when he hits the field in Buccaneers jerseys this weekend?

Branch, a Pats legend, says it’ll be nothing but love — at least initially — explaining to us, “I think these guys are going to be received well.”

“They’ve earned that,” Branch added.

Now, as the game goes on, Branch says he can see things going a little bit differently.

“There’s no way that the Boston fans will just sit back and be ok with Gronk catching a 40-yard, 50-yard pass,” Branch said. “No, there will be some boos.”

“But, in the beginning, I do believe deep down inside these guys will be received well.”

Boos or not, Branch is expecting the Patriots to pull off the upset — despite being a heavy underdog in the game.

As for all the hooplah and festivities surrounding the evening, Branch tells us he’s envisioning plenty of tears flowing — but believes all of the players will be ready to go by kickoff.

Game starts in just a matter of hours, getcha popcorn ready!

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