“Friday Night Lights” and “Glee” actor LaMarcus Tinker and his wife Brittany, are dropping back and punting on their marriage.

According to court records from Washoe County, Nevada … LaMarcus and Brittany on Wednesday filed a joint divorce petition. It’s unclear what led to them calling it quits, but it’s the end of a 5-year run as husband and wife. The estranged couple has 1 minor child together.

LaMarcus — best known for playing Dallas Tinker on the hit NBC series — has been down this road before. As we first reported, he and his previous wife, Shari Butler, also filed a joint petition to end their 2-year marriage back in 2014.

Back then, LaMarcus was earning around $2,100 a month, just in royalties from previous acting gigs. Besides appearing on ‘FNL’ … he played Kevin on the ABC sitcom “Cougar Town” — and also had the recurring role of Shane on the third season of “Glee.”

With marriage #2 coming to an end, this might be a good time for a throwback to that classic ‘FNL’ mantra — “Clear eyes, full hearts … can’t lose.”

Keep your head up, LaMarcus

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