GRANT DELPITGETS MOSSED!!!During School Supplies Shopping Spree

Cleveland Browns safety Grant Delpit got straight-up torched this week — but it wasn’t on the football field, it was against a lucky kid who challenged him at a school supplies giveaway!!

Here’s the deal — the ex-LSU star hosted a shopping spree at a local Meijer in Cleveland … giving kids all the school supplies, toys and clothes they could get their hands on.

But, one confident boy decided to use the event as an opportunity to go face-to-face against 23-year-old Delpit … claiming he could “Moss” the 2nd-round pick, according to reporter Camryn Justice.

During the event, one of the kids told Delpit that he could Moss him. So they went head to head.

Of course, getting “Mossed” means completely embarrassing a defender with an insane catch or separation on a route … something made famous by Hall of Famer Randy Moss.

Delpit heard the challenge loud and clear … and let the kid take his best shot right in the middle of the store with teammate AJ Green playing QB.

Moss: (verb) to make a jaw-dropping, defender-humiliating catch, typically of the jump-ball variety.

Now, we know Delpit wasn’t going 100%, but that shouldn’t take away from the foot skills and speed the kid put on display as he breezes by the 2019 Jim Thorpe award winner to make the catch.

But, the kid wanted more — and the second time around, he had a diving catch that would make Mr. Moss himself proud.

Delpit cheered the kid on … raising his hands and celebrating as the young athlete secures the catch.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from this kid again!!

Awesome moment for everyone involved

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