Grimes boning up on some Karl Marx has America’s Communist Party applauding the singer … because they say she’s advancing their cause.

A spokesperson for Communist Party USA that even though the singer has said she doesn’t identify as a communist, the fact she was spotted reading “The Communist Manifesto” is a massive win for them.

As we reported … Grimes was seen with the book over the weekend, following her recent split from billionaire baby daddy Elon Musk.

The CP Rep tells us even if the Grimes pics were just a publicity stunt, it’s a textbook case of all publicity being good publicity.

paparazzi followed me 2 a shoot so I tried 2 think what I could do that would yield the most onion-ish possible headline and it worked haha

The way the party sees things … the first step to getting people to join the Communist Party is by making them reconsider our current political system. Through Grimes, folks will be inspired to read Marx and ultimately begin to question capitalism and the billionaires calling the shots … like Elon Musk.

Fact is, celebrities have played a major role in changing American politics in the past decade. Bernie Sanders, a self-described Democratic-Socialist, entered the 2016 presidential race, and despite running as a Democrat, he was hardly supported by any Dems in Congress. Endorsements from stars like Sarah Silverman, Killer Mike and many more propelled Bernie into the mainstream … and as Bernie grew, so did Democratic-Socialism.

Case and point, Communist Party USA are looking for something similar with Grimes and believe the visibility she’s bringing to Party, through Marx, will help them in the long term.

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