Newly released body cam footage shows a father in Illinois getting super emotional as cops searched an urn thinking they’d found his stash of meth — only to discover it was actually his daughter’s ashes.

In the video, the cop tells the man — who’s already ‘cuffed in a police car — they tested the contents of the small container, and believed it was drugs. Immediately, you can hear the anguish in the father’s voice as he explains it’s his daughter’s remains and pleads for the officer to hand it over.

The Springfield, IL cop closed the door on the man — during this April 2020 traffic stop — and then seemed to laugh as he tells other officers about the situation, and says the substance tested positive for meth.

The cop opens his trunk — apparently planning to do a retest — and you can hear the father yelling from the backseat how important the urn and the ashes are to him.

You gotta see the video, because there was an interesting pow-wow between all the cops as they tried to decide what to do. They ended up handing over the ashes to his father, who was also on the scene.

The man is now suing the City of Springfield.

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